Palacio Azcarate

Ezcaray Tourism

Municipality of La Rioja located in the upper part of the Oja Valley, to the southwest of the community, from which you can enjoy the following activities.

Wine Tourism

Grapevine cultivation

La Rioja is a privileged region for the cultivation of the vine. In addition, the  history of La Rioja has been marked by this activity since the monks of the monasteries began to spread the culture of wine.

The Landscape of  La Rioja Alta  is drawn by vineyards that extend through said area of ​​the region.

In  La Rioja there are wineries whose wines are renowned worldwide, as well as small wineries with a family tradition but with the same quality in their wines.


Rich in raw materials

The municipality of Ezcaray is also known for its rich gastronomy and the high quality of its products. Among the great variety of bars and restaurants in the area, you can breathe a deep tradition in their meals, with culinary options for all tastes and pockets. A place to enjoy recipes with a traditional and regional soul from the La Rioja area, updated and turned into contemporary and haute cuisine dishes . 


Mountains, Snow...

Valdezcaray is a ski resort located on the slopes of Mount San Lorenzo, where you can fully enjoy the mountain and practice sports as varied as skiing, snow…
The resort is considered medium among the overall in the country, although it is the greater than those found in the Iberian System.

The Valdezcaray station has a total of 12 slopes (4 green, 4 blue, 3 red and 1 black) that can be accessed with a total of 7 ski lifts with a capacity for 14,960 people/hour.


Castles, Convents...

Most of which emerged during the Middle Ages, the monasteries are fundamental to understanding the history of  La Rioja, due to the influence they had on the region during the second millennium.
The most famous for their impact on the birth of the Castilian language are the monasteries of  Yuso  and  Suso, which are located in the town of San Millán de la Cogolla.
In addition to these, there are other monasteries spread throughout the region, such as Valvanera,  Santa María la Real, the  Cañas monastery, etc.

In addition to their historical and artistic value, these monasteries continue to live the spirituality of the Christian faith.

La Rioja is also an important step on the Camino de Santiago, where you can meet different pilgrims and share your experiences.


Landscape, Mountain...

The Vadezcaray Valley is much more than just a hiking destination; it is a natural sanctuary where the mountainous landscape is combined with the thrill of discovery and adventure. If you are looking for an unforgettable getaway in nature, this valley awaits you with open arms, ready to show you its secrets and give you experiences that will last in your memory forever.



The BikeFriendly movement means having a seal of quality in which each accommodation must have an adequate space to store bikes, a workshop area with tools, a bike cleaning area, an information point and products necessary for the routes, and even bicycle rental services, physiotherapy sessions or bicycle sales.

Cycling tourism, both nationally and internationally, is booming and more and more companies around the world welcome cyclists to offer them personalized and exclusive services.

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